We’d be sad about summer coming to a close if the fall season in the Lake Chelan Valley wasn’t so magical.

As the leaves change from green to gold to orange and the nights cool off, we can’t help but fall in love with our little valley all over again. There’s nothing quite like the rolling hills of golden vineyards and brisk morning walks by the lake. The days stay warm well through October, making autumn a perfect season to get away and explore!


While we live for long, hot summer days in Lake Chelan, we know that the summer temperatures can often be too hot for some day hikes.

Trails like the Chelan Butte offer stunning views at the top but little to no shade on the way up. The cooler temperatures of September and October make it a perfect time to hit the trails! We suggest planning a golden hour hike to experience the gorgeous fall lighting over the valley. Or do a loop around Riverwalk Park and soak in the changing colors, lake reflections, and quiet downtown.


black dog sitting on grass


From wine grapes to apples to pumpkins and more, the Lake Chelan Valley hums with harvest festivities all season long.

Try your hand (or foot) at stomping grapes or go apple picking and press your very own cider. Nothing says fall like a bin of fresh-picked apples and a bouquet of seasonal wildflowers! We recommend a day trip to Chelan Valley Farms where you can harvest apples or pumpkins, traipse through wildflowers, and soak in the incredible views.


Whether you’re a beer, cider, or wine lover (or all three!), you’ll find something wonderful to sip on while you soak in those crisp, autumn days.

A glass of red on a chilly evening while enjoying the view at Fielding Hills? Yes, please! A cool cider from Steelhead Cider on a warm early-autumn afternoon? Sign us up! A post-dinner beer at Lake Chelan Brewery? You’re speaking our language.


Our valley gets an impressive 300 days of sunshine every year, so although the weather may be cooling off, it’s still warm enough to get a few more lake days in!

The parks are quieter and there’s a general sense of stillness and serenity throughout the valley. Pack a picnic, a blanket, and some extra layers and hit the beach for a day of relaxing lakeside. And be sure to stick around for a stunning golden display as the sun sets behind the Cascades. It’s pure magic. But don’t take our word for it – experience it all for yourself.

Come enjoy a beautiful Lake Chelan autumn with us. We promise you’ll fall in love with our valley in a whole new way. We can’t wait to see you!